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ASTM A945-16(R2021) pdf free download

ASTM A945-16(R2021) pdf free download.Standard Specification for High-Strength Low-Alloy Structural Steel Plate with Low Carbon and Restricted Sulfur for Improved Weldability, Formability, and Toughness
1. Scope
1.1 This specification covers high-strength low-alloy struc- tural steel plate intended for use in welded construction of naval ships where a savings in weight [mass] is important. Plates that conform to this specification offer improved weldability, formability, and toughness resulting from the specified alloying elements with limitations on carbon, sulfur, and residual element contents. Grades 50 and 65 may be provided as-rolled, control-rolled, thermo-mechanical control processed (including accelerated cooling), normalized, or quenched and tempered as required to meet the specified mechanical requirements.
3. General
Requirements for Delivery 3.1 Plates furnished under this specification shall conform to the applicable requirements of the current edition of Speci- fication A6/A6M. 3.2 If specified in the purchase order, plates ordered under this specification shall be prepared for shipment in accordance with the requirements of the current edition of Guide A700.
4. Materials and Manufacture
4.1 The steel shall be made to fine grain practice. 4.2 Grade 65 plates less than 1 in. [25 mm] in thickness shall be provided from continuously cast product. 4.3 Except as specified in 5.1 and 5.2, the plates after finish-rolling shall be in one of the following conditions: as-rolled, control-rolled, or thermo-mechanical control pro- cessed (including accelerated cooling).
5. Heat Treatment
5.1 Grade 50 plates and Grade 65 plates are normally fur- nished without heat treatment. The manufacturer has the option to normalize or quench and temper such plates to meet the mechanical requirements of Section 7 provided that the heat treatment is reported on the test report. 5.2 Grade 65 plates greater than 1 1 ⁄ 4 in. [32 mm] in thick- ness shall be furnished in the quenched and tempered heat treatment.
6. Chemical Composition
6.1 The heat analysis shall conform to the requirements given in Table 1. 6.2 If a product analysis is made, it shall conform to the requirements given in Table 1, subject to the product analysis tolerances in Specification A6/A6M.
7. Mechanical Properties
7.1 Tensile Properties: 7.1.1 The plates as represented by the test specimens shall conform to the tensile properties given in Table 2 for the applicable grade. 7.1.2 For quenched and tempered plates, one tension test shall be taken from a corner of each plate as heat treated. 7.1.3 If measured on a 1 1 ⁄ 2 -in. [40-mm] wide specimen (see Fig. 3 of Test Methods and Definitions A370), the elongation may be determined in a 2-in. [50-mm] gauge length that includes the fracture and shows the greatest elongation. 7.2 Charpy V-Notch Impact Properties: 7.2.1 Except as allowed by section 7.2.2, Charpy V-Notch impact tests shall be conducted in accordance with Specifica- tion A673/A673M. All plates shall be tested in accordance with frequency (P) Piece Testing. 7.2.2 The plates as represented by the test specimens shall conform to the impact properties given in Table 3 for the applicable grade. For Grade 50, the longitudinal axis of the specimens may be parallel or transverse to the final direction of rolling ofthe plate at the option of the manufacturer, unless the test orientation is specified in the purchase order.
7.2.3 For material thicknesses below 7 ⁄ 16 in. [10 mm], the absorbed energy in Table 3 shall be reduced proportionally in accordance with Table 1 in Specification A673/A673M for sub-sized Charpy test specimens.
8. Report
8.1 The manufacturer or processor shall report the results of all tests required by this specification as identified in Sec- tion 18 of Specification A6/A6M. 8.2 The manufacturer shall furnish a certification that the material has been manufactured and tested in accordance with the requirements of the material specification.
9. Keywords
9.1 as-rolled; high-strength; low-alloy; low-carbon; normal- ized; plate; quenched; restricted sulfur; ship applications; steel; structural applications; tempered; thermo-mechanical control processed (TMCP); weight; welded construction

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