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ASTM C361-2019 pdf free download

ASTM C361-2019 pdf free download.Standard Specification for Reinforced Concrete Low-Head Pressure Pipe
4. Classification
4.1 Pipe manufactured according to this specification shall be for hydrostatic heads of25, 50, 75, 100, and 125 ft measured to the centerline of the pipe. Designs are provided in Table 1 for the above hydrostatic heads combined with external load- ings of 5, 10, 15, and 20 ft (designated A, B, C, and D in Table 1) of earth cover over the top of the pipe under specific installation conditions. The specific installation conditions are covered in Appendix X1. Where the hydrostatic head, external loadings, and installation conditions vary from those given in Table 1 and Appendix X1, detailed design calculations shall be made. The design criteria for Table 1 are presented in Appen- dix X2.
5. Basis of Acceptance
5.1 Acceptability of the pipe in all diameters and classes shall be determined by the results of such material tests as are required in 6.2 through 6.9 by crushing tests on cured concrete cylinders, by hydrostatic pressure tests on units of the pipe, by joint leakage tests, and by inspection during or after manufac- ture to determine whether the pipe conforms to this specifica- tion as to design and freedom from defects. 5.2 Age for Acceptance—Pipe shall be considered ready for acceptance when they conform to the requirements, as indi- cated by the specified tests.
6. Materials
6.1 Reinforced Concrete—The reinforced concrete shall consist of portland cement, mineral aggregates, and water, in which steel has been embedded in such a manner that the steel and concrete act together. Fly ash or pozzolan is not prohibited when used as a partial cement replacement; see 9.1. 6.2 Cementitious Materials: 6.2.1 Cement: Portland Cement—Portland cement shall conform to the requirements of Specification C150/C150M. Blended Hydraulic Cement—Blended cement shall conform to the requirements of Specification C595/C595M for Type IS portland blast furnace slag cement or Type IP portland pozzolan cement, except that the pozzolan constituent in the Type IP portland pozzolan cement shall not exceed 20 % by weight. 6.2.2 Fly Ash or Pozzolan—Fly ash or pozzolan shall conform to the requirements of Specification C618. 6.2.3 Allowable Cementitious Materials—The combination of cementitious materials used in the concrete shall be one of the following: Portland cement only, Portland blast furnace slag cement only, or Portland pozzolan cement only. A combination of portland cement and fly ash or pozzolan, wherein the proportion of fly ash or pozzolan is between 5 and 20 % by weight of total cementitious material (portland cement plus fly ash or pozzolan). 6.3 Aggregates—Aggregates shall conform to Specification C33/C33M, except that the requirements for grading are waived. 6.4 Admixtures—Admixtures, except for air-entraining agents, shall not be added to the concrete unless permitted by the owner. At the option of the manufacturer, or if specified by the owner, the concrete in precast concrete pipe placed by the cast-and-vibrated method shall contain an air-entraining agent conforming to Specification C260/C260M. The amount of air-entraining agent used shall be such as will affect the entrainment of not more than 3 % air by volume of concrete as discharged from the mixer. 6.5 Steel Reinforcement—Reinforcement shall consist of wire conforming to Specification A1064/A1064M, or of bars of Grades 40 or 60 steel conforming to Specification A615/ A615M or of Grade 40 steel conforming to Specification A36/A36M, or Grade 60 steel conforming to Specification A706/A706M. 6.6 Steel for Joint Rings: 6.6.1 Steel strips for bell rings less than 1 ⁄ 4 in. thick shall conform to Grade SS30 of Specification A1011/A1011M or Grade Designation 1012 of Specification A575. Steel that meets the requirements of AISI-C1012 for chemical compo- nents will be acceptable provided it conforms to Grade SS30 of Specification A1011/A1011M in other respects. 6.6.2 Steel plate for bell rings 1 ⁄ 4 in. or more in thickness and special shapes for spigot joint rings shall conform to Specifi- cation A36/A36M, or to Grade A of Specification A283/ A283M, or to Grade Designation 1012 of Specification A576, or to Grade 50 of Specification A675/A675M. Steel that meets the requirements ofAISI-C1012 for chemical components will be acceptable provided it conforms to Specification A36/A36M or to Specification A283/A283M Min other respects. 6.7 Steel Castings for Fittings—Steel castings for fittings shall conform to Grade 70-36, Normalized, of Specification A27/A27M.

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