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ASTM D4759-2018 pdf free download

ASTM D4759-2018 pdf free download.Standard Practice for Determining the Specification Conformance of Geosynthetics
4. Significance and Use
4.1 This practice provides a means by which the purchaser can determine the conformance of geosynthetic properties as applied to the acceptance or rejection of a material in regards to a material specification. 4.2 This practice has been developed with strong emphasis on practicality and the realization that all geosynthetics are subjected to a vigorous quality control program prior to shipping. N OTE 1—It is suggested that the user obtain the mean, standard deviation, and/or the coefficient ofvariation for given physical/mechanical properties of a product directly from the manufacturer. If this data is unavailable, it is suggested that users of this practice begin to accumulate data that can be used to estimate product averages and standard deviations for each product. N OTE 2—The risk to the purchaser of buying out-of-specification materials is minimal when conformance requirements are detailed in the purchase specification and adequate conformance testing is performed. It is the producer’s responsibility to perform thorough quality control testing for all properties requiring certification. The producer’s risk ofrejection is minimal with the performance of this thorough quality control testing.
5. Summary of the Test Procedure
5.1 Procedure A—This procedure determines the confor- mance ofgeosynthetic materials properties to acceptable speci- fications values. N OTE 3—Conformance testing is done by the purchaser or designated person/organization. It is usually done as the geosynthetics are brought to the project site and to justify the payment of the billing (Practice D4354). Typically, testing is performed on the final product and no components to produce or assemble the final geosynthetic material need to be confor- mance tested.5.2 This procedure determines the conformance of geocom- posite geosynthetic material properties to a set of acceptable specification values. Typically, multiple individual components need to be tested together with the final geocomposite product to show conformance with the acceptable material specifica- tion. Since those individual components might or might not be altered during production/assembly, sample collection is typi- cally executed during production/assembly at the manufactur- ing facility.
6. Procedure A
6.1 Divide into lots and select lot and laboratory samples as directed in Practice D4354. 6.2 Test the number of specimens as directed in the appli- cable testing method. 6.3 If the average test values for the individual lot sampling unit meet all the acceptable specification values, the lot passes. 6.4 If the average test value for any individual lot sampling unit does not meet one or more of the acceptable specification values, the lot shall be resampled and tested, except as noted in 6.4.3. 6.4.1 Any individual lot sampling unit which fails initial testing shall not be included in the lot for resampling. 6.4.2 Disposition of individual lot sampling units which fail initial testing shall be agreed upon by purchaser and seller. 6.4.3 If all lot sampling units fail initial testing, reject the entire lot without further sampling and testing. 6.4.4 The resample size shall be at least that determined in 6.1. N OTE 4—The larger the number of samples in a resample, the smaller will be the consumer’s risk of accepting an undesirable product. 6.5 Pass the lot if the average test values for the individual lot sampling unit from the resample meet the acceptable specification values. 6.6 Fail the lot if the average test values for any individual lot sampling unit from the resample do not meet one or more of the acceptable specification values. 6.7 Reject any failing lot. 6.8 A numerical example of this practice is included in Appendix X1.

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