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ASTM D5330-06(R2020) pdf free download

ASTM D5330-06(R2020) pdf free download.Standard Specification for Pressure-Sensitive Tape for Packaging, Filament- Reinforced
1. Scope
1.1 This specification covers filament-reinforced, pressure- sensitive adhesive tape. 1.2 The values stated in either inch-pound or SI units are to be regarded separately as standard. The values stated in each system may not be exact equivalents; therefore each system must be used independently of the other, without combining values in any way. 1.3 The following precautionary caveat pertains only to the test methods portion, Section 14, of this specification: This standard does not purport to address all ofthe safety concerns, ifany, associated with its use. It is the responsibility ofthe user of this standard to establish appropriate safety, health, and environmental practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use. 1.4 This international standard was developed in accor- dance with internationally recognized principles on standard- ization established in the Decision on Principles for the Development of International Standards, Guides and Recom- mendations issued by the World Trade Organization Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Committee.
5. Ordering Information
5.1 The inquiry or order shall include the following: 5.1.1 Type required (see 4.1); 5.1.2 Roll width and length; unless otherwise specified, direct substitution of SI or inch-pound shall be allowed (see 8.1); 5.1.3 Level of packaging, packing, and marking if other than commercial (see Section 18); 5.1.4 If certification is required (see Section 17); and 5.1.5 ASTM specification designation and date of issue.
6. Materials and Manufacture
6.1 The materials used in the construction of the tapes shall be such that they ensure performance of the tape over the temperature range from − 55.5 to 71°C [− 65 to 160°F] and shall conform to the requirements of this specification. 6.2 Backing—The backing shall serve as the carrier for the adhesive and shall not serve as the reinforcing material. 6.3 Adhesive—The adhesive shall be pressure-sensitive and water-insoluble and shall require no moisture, heat, or other preparation prior to or after application to clean, dry surfaces. 6.4 Reinforcements—The adhesive shall be reinforced by embedding longitudinal filaments in a smooth layer throughout the length of the roll. The filaments shall be covered by a uniform layer of adhesive forming a smooth adhering surface. 6.5 Rolls—The tape shall be wound in rolls, adhesive side in, on paper-fiber or plastic cores. The core shall have sufficient rigidity to prevent distortion of the roll under normal condi- tions of transportation and use. The inside diameter of the core shall be 76, − 0, +1.6 mm [3, − 0, + 1 ⁄ 16 in.]. When the tape is unwound, the backing shall not tear, the reinforcing filaments shall not ravel, and the adhesive shall not transfer or split from the face of the tape to the backing of the adjacent layer before or after aging (see Section 14).
7. Physical Properties
7.1 The tape shall comply with the physical property re- quirements listed in Table 1 when tested in accordance with Section 14. 7.2 Type IV Requirements—Type IV tape shall meet the following additional requirements when tested in accordance with 14.4.2: 7.2.1 No lifting of the tape in the overlap area, 7.2.2 No pulling loose from the fiberboard (except in areas in which the fiberboard was buckled), 7.2.3 No flaking, cracking, or separation of the backing when the overlap section of the tape is stripped back at 180° at a rate of 100 to 150 mm/s [4 to 6 in./s], 7.2.4 No transfer of the adhesive to the lower layer of tape when tested as in 7.2.3, and
10. Significance and Use
10.1 The pressure-sensitive, filament-reinforced tapes cov- ered by this specification are intended for use in closing and reinforcing fiberboard boxes and for bundling items for ship- ment. 10.2 Type I is an impact and cut-resistant low-tensile strength tape, usually with polyester fiber reinforcement. It is intended for bundling and similar applications and used where a greater amount of stretch before break provides an improve- ment in impact resistance over glass filament reinforcement. 10.3 Types II and III are intended for reinforcement of RSC’s and similar fiberboard boxes, and for bundling where a snug bundle must be maintained and other similar applications. 10.4 Type IV is intended for applications in which weather- resistance high-tensile strength tape is required. 10.5 See Practice D1974/D1974M for details on applica- tions.

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