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ASTM D5724-16(R2021) pdf free download

ASTM D5724-16(R2021) pdf free download.Standard Specification for Gouache Paints
1. Scope
1.1 This specification establishes requirements for composition, physical properties, performance, and labeling of gouache paints. 1.2 This specification covers pigments, vehicles, and addi- tives. Requirements are included for pigment identification, lightfastness, and consistency. 1.3 Table 1 lists some pigments meeting the lightfastness requirements in this specification. In order to identify other pigments that meet these requirements, instructions are given for test specimen preparation. Test methods for determining relative lightfastness are referenced. 1.4 The values stated in SI units are to be regarded as the standard. The values given in parentheses are for information only. 1.5 This international standard was developed in accor- dance with internationally recognized principles on standard- ization established in the Decision on Principles for the Development of International Standards, Guides and Recom- mendations issued by the World Trade Organization Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Committee.
3. Terminology
3.1 Definitions: 3.1.1 colour index name, n—consists of the category (type of dye or pigment), general hue, and an assigned number given to a colorant in the Colour Index 3 as an international identifi- cation system. Discussion—For example, the Colour Index Name of one phthalocyanine blue pigment is Pigment Blue 15 (PB 15). 3.1.2 colour index number, n—a five-digit number given in the Colour Index that describes the chemical constitution of a colorant. Discussion—For example, the Colour Index Number of one phthalocyanine blue pigment is 74160. 3.2 Definitions ofTerms Specific to This Standard: 3.2.1 gouache paint, n—a pigment dispersion in a water soluble gum/resin vehicle that dries water soluble and is formulated primarily for relatively opaque and matte applica- tions. 3.3 Appearance terms used in this standard are defined in Terminology E284.
4. Significance and Use
4.1 This specification establishes quality requirements and provides a basis for common understanding among producers, distributors, and users. 4.2 It is not intended that all paints meeting the require- ments be identical nor of uniform excellence in all respects. Variations in manufacture, not covered by this specification, may cause some artists to prefer one brand over another, either of which may be acceptable under this specification.
5. Labeling Requirements
5.1 Pigment(s) Identification: 5.1.1 Every label shall include for each pigment contained in the paint the information underlined in Table 1, which includes the Common Name, Colour Index Name, and any additional terms necessary to identify the form of the pigment. 5.1.2 The complete pigment identification given in Table 1, which also includes the Colour Index Number and a simple chemical description, shall be given by the producer in an appropriate electronic version or printed publication. Manufac- turers are encouraged to put this complete identification on the container label when label size permits. 5.1.3 The common name shall be placed on the front of the label and shall be the name of the paint except as described in 5.1.5 and 5.1.6. Other identification may be placed elsewhere on the container. 5.1.4 The colour index name may be spelled out in full or abbreviated depending on the size of the label. Example: Pigment Blue 15, or Pig. Blue 15 or PB 15. 5.1.5 Substituted Pigments—In the case of substituted pigments, except for those pigments listed in Table X5.1, the word “Hue” in equal size letters shall follow in the title, on the front of the tube, and immediately after the name of the pigment that has been simulated. 5.1.6 Proprietary names or optional names may be used provided the common name(s) given in Table 1 is listed with their Colour Index Names and the Lightfastness Category of the mixture somewhere on the label. 5.1.7 Mixed Pigments—Artists’ paints containing more than one pigment comply with this specification if all colored pigments included in the mixture are on the suitable pigment list (Table 1) and provided the mixture itself has passed all other test requirements in this specification.The lightfastness category shall be that of the least lightfast pigment.

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