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ASTM D6455-2018 pdf free download

ASTM D6455-2018 pdf free download.Standard Guide for the Selection of Test Methods for Prefabricated Bituminous Geomembranes (PBGMs)
1. Scope
1.1 This guide provides recommendations for the selection of appropriate test methods for prefabricated bituminous sheet used in geomembrane applications to provide consistency in data reporting. 1.2 This guide includes test methods for all types of prefabricated bituminous geomembranes (PBGMs). 1.3 This guide is intended to aid all personnel involved in the selection, manufacture, or evaluation of prefabricated bituminous geomembranes. Field-related evaluation of PBGMs, including but not limited to seam testing, is beyond the scope of this guide. 1.4 This standard does not purport to address all of the safety concerns, if any, associated with its use. It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appro- priate safety, health, and environmental practices and deter- mine the applicability ofregulatory limitations prior to use. 1.5 This international standard was developed in accor- dance with internationally recognized principles on standard- ization established in the Decision on Principles for the Development of International Standards, Guides and Recom- mendations issued by the World Trade Organization Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Committee.
2. Referenced Documents
2.1 ASTM Standards: 2 D36/D36M Test Method for Softening Point of Bitumen (Ring-and-Ball Apparatus) D471 Test Method for Rubber Property—Effect of Liquids D573 Test Method for Rubber—Deterioration in an Air Oven D696 Test Method for Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expan- sion of Plastics Between –30°C and 30°C with a Vitreous Silica Dilatometer D746 Test Method for Brittleness Temperature of Plastics and Elastomers by Impact D751 Test Methods for Coated Fabrics D792 Test Methods for Density and Specific Gravity (Rela- tive Density) of Plastics by Displacement D1079 Terminology Relating to Roofing and Waterproofing D1204 Test Method for Linear Dimensional Changes of Nonrigid Thermoplastic Sheeting or Film at Elevated Temperature D1434 Test Method for Determining Gas Permeability Char- acteristics of Plastic Film and Sheeting D3776/D3776M Test Methods for Mass Per Unit Area (Weight) of Fabric D4354 Practice for Sampling of Geosynthetics and Rolled Erosion Control Products (RECPs) for Testing D4355/D4355M Test Method for Deterioration of Geotex- tiles by Exposure to Light, Moisture and Heat in a Xenon Arc Type Apparatus D4439 Terminology for Geosynthetics D4595 Test Method for Tensile Properties of Geotextiles by the Wide-Width Strip Method D4833/D4833M Test Method for Index Puncture Resistance of Geomembranes and Related Products D4873/D4873M Guide for Identification, Storage, and Han- dling of Geosynthetic Rolls and Samples D4885 Test Method for Determining Performance Strength of Geomembranes by the Wide Strip Tensile Method D5147/D5147M Test Methods for Sampling and Testing Modified Bituminous Sheet Material D5199 Test Method for Measuring the Nominal Thickness of Geosynthetics D5261 Test Method for Measuring Mass per Unit Area of Geotextiles Test Method for Evaluating the Unconfined Tension Creep and Creep Rupture Behavior of Geosynthetics D5321/D5321M Test Method for Determining the Shear Strength of Soil-Geosynthetic and Geosynthetic- Geosynthetic Interfaces by Direct Shear D5322 Practice for Laboratory Immersion Procedures for Evaluating the Chemical Resistance of Geosynthetics to Liquids D5514/D5514M Test Method for Large-Scale Hydrostatic Puncture Testing of Geosynthetics D5617 Test Method for Multi-Axial Tension Test for Geo- synthetics D5884/D5884M Test Method for Determining Tearing Strength of Internally Reinforced Geomembranes D6747 Guide for Selection ofTechniques for Electrical Leak Location of Leaks in Geomembranes D7003/D7003M Test Method for Strip Tensile Properties of Reinforced Geomembranes D7274 Test Method for Mineral Stabilizer Content of Pre- fabricated Bituminous Geomembranes (BGM) D7275 Test Method for Tensile Properties of Bituminous Geomembranes (BGM) E96/E96M Test Methods for Water Vapor Transmission of Materials E154/E154M Test Methods for Water Vapor Retarders Used in Contact with Earth Under Concrete Slabs, on Walls, or as Ground Cover.

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