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ASTM D6700-19 pdf free download

ASTM D6700-19 pdf free download.Standard Guide for Use of Scrap Tires as Tire-Derived Fuel.
ASTM D6700 covers and provides guidance for the mate-rial recovery of scrap tires for their fuel value.The conversion of a whole scrap tire into a chipped formed for use as a fuel produces a product called tire-derived fuel (TDF).This recovery guide has moved from a pioneering concept in the early 1980s to a proven and continuous use in the United States with industrial and utility applications.
4.Significance and Use
4.1 When considering the specification of fuels for a boiler,issues to evaluate are the fuel’s combustion characteristics,handling and feeding logistics,environmental concerns,and ash residue considerations.A thorough understanding of these issues is required to engineer the combustion unit for power and steam generation;however,TDF has demonstrated compatible characteristics allowing it to serve as a supplemental fuel in existing combustion units based on cumulative experience in many facilities originally designed for traditional fossil fuels,or wood wastes,or both.When used as a supplemental energy resource in existing units,TDF usage is generally limited to blend ratios in the 10 to 30 range based on energy input.This limit is due to its high heat release rate and low moisture content,which differ significantly from other solid fuels such as wood,refuse-derived fuel,coal,and petroleum coke.

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