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ASTM E3036-15(R2021) pdf free download

ASTM E3036-15(R2021) pdf free download.Standard Guide for Notating Facade Conditions in the Field
1. Scope
1.1 This guide consists of symbols and notations pertaining to documenting deficient conditions observed during facade inspections. 1.2 The purpose of this guide is to provide a quick shorthand, notation system that will serve as a uniform system for facade inspectors to record their observations on existing elevation drawings or photographs, or both, of existing build- ing facades. 1.3 This guide is not intended to be used to record or document a diagnosis for the particular symptom. 1.4 Notations are listed in alphabetical order. Compound terms appear as per the first word as spoken. 1.5 The values stated in inch-pound units are to be regarded as standard. No other units ofmeasurement are included in this standard. 1.6 This international standard was developed in accor- dance with internationally recognized principles on standard- ization established in the Decision on Principles for the Development of International Standards, Guides and Recom- mendations issued by the World Trade Organization Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Committee.
2. Referenced Documents
2.1 ASTM Standards: 2 E631 Terminology of Building Constructions
3. Symbols 3
3.1 See Fig. 1.
4. Modifying Syntax
4.1 See Fig. 2.
5. Notation Examples
5.1 See Fig. 3.
6. Keywords
6.1 condition; facade; notation; survey

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