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ASTM E920-97(R2019) pdf free download

ASTM E920-97(R2019) pdf free download.Standard Specification for Commercially Packaged Laboratory Apparatus
1. Scope
1.1 This specification covers the procedures for testing loaded shipping containers. Drop and vibration tests are performed to measure the ability of the shipping container to protect the product from the shock and vibration the container receives during normal handling and transporting. This speci- fication is not intended to supplant material specifications or existing preshipment test procedures. This specification is not intended for use with hazardous materials. 1.2 These procedures are suitable for all types of laboratory apparatus, including reusable and disposable macro and micro products. 1.3 The values stated in inch-pound units are to be regarded as standard. The values given in parentheses are mathematical conversions to SI units that are provided for information only and are not considered standard. 1.4 The following precautionary caveat pertains only to the test method portion, Section 4, of this specification: This standard does not purport to address all ofthe safety concerns, ifany, associated with its use. It is the responsibility ofthe user of this standard to establish appropriate safety, health, and environmental practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use. 1.5 This international standard was developed in accor- dance with internationally recognized principles on standard- ization established in the Decision on Principles for the Development of International Standards, Guides and Recom- mendations issued by the World Trade Organization Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Committee.
3. Requirements
3.1 Three test specimens are required. Each specimen shall be run through the sequence of tests in the order given. 3.2 Condition test specimens in accordance with Practice D685. Standard conditions must be maintained throughout the test sequence. 3.3 The packaging shall comply with Practice D3951 except cleanliness of laboratory apparatus shall be as required by the Product Standard, the QualityAssurance Standard, or as agreed upon between the manufacturer and the purchaser.
4. Procedure
4.1 Vibration Test—Perform the vibration test in accordance with Method A of Methods D999. 4.1.1 Proceed with the following test duration and se- quence: bottom for 30 min; side for 15 min; and end for 15 min. Total vibration time will be 60 min. 4.2 Drop Test—Perform the drop test in accordance with Method D775. 4.2.1 Determine the drop height of the specimen from the following:4.2.2 Refer to Fig. A1.1 ofTest Method D5276 and perform the following drop sequence: one flatwise drop onto the top (Face 1); one flatwise drop onto the bottom (Face 3); one drop onto each of the top edges (edges 1-2, 1-5, 1-4, and 1-6), and one drop onto each of the bottom edges (edges 3-2, 3-5, 3-4, and 3-6). Complete one drop sequence (10 drops).
5. Acceptance Criteria
5.1 Disposable Glass—Completion of testing without breakage occurring in any of the three units tested. In the case of bulk packed items (more than 50 in a shipping container), less than 3 % total breakage in each of the three units tested. 5.2 All Other—Completion of testing without breakage occurring in any of the three units tested. 5.3 Outer package must contain product and provide a degree of protection to contents. One complete retest consist- ing of three new packages is permitted.
6. Report
6.1 Report results of test as specified in Method D775. 6.2 Each supplier shall maintain on file laboratory test reports verifying successful testing as outlined in this specification, and if required, issue a written certification stating that packaging complies with this specification.
7. Keywords
7.1 apparatus; commercial; laboratory; packaging

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