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ASTM F3502-21 pdf free download

ASTM F3502-21 pdf free download.Standard Specification for Barrier Face Coverings.
This is the first ASTM standard to address this type of product.The standard was primarily established in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic beginning in 2019 to address a product that is neither a medical face mask per ASTM Specification F2100 for providing source control,nor a respirator for providing inhalation protection as defined by regulatory requirements specified in the United States under 42 CFR Part 84.
ASTM F3502 is intended to establish a national standard baseline for a source control device.
ASTM F3502 brings value by specifying minimum design,performance,and testing requirements and allowing comparison of products by end users where current guidelines have been limited.Evolving literature suggests that barrier face coverings could reduce the potential for disease transmission,as well as offering a reduction of inhalation particulate matter by the wearer.The focus of this specification is to identify how the device should perform in terms of source control/protection,comfort,and re-use potential.The level of source control/protection depends on how well particles are blocked from going through the barrier face covering and minimizing the amount of leakage that may occur around the perimeter of the barrier face covering.The specific performance property for filtration efficiency provides a greater challenge than most other particulate filtration tests,including BFE,based on the use of smaller particles and more rigorous test conditions.Barrier face coverings must be comfortable enough for individuals to be willing to wear them for long periods of time.Requirements for breathing resistance were incorporated into the specification.The final performance criterion was the potential for re-use of the barrier face covering,so the possibility of re-use was identified in the specification.

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